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  • Victory Fuel goes to Victory Lane

    My son loves this stuff, and it being healthy for him to have is amazing! We will continue to buy this. He had 2 left from the shootout and drank them on his first National race night out, Winning the first race, and he told his dad and me, “Drinking Victory fuel sends you to Victory Lane” We agree! Thank you for helping dirt track racing as much as you all do!


    At this rate, we are going through a case a week for two people. My five year old racer LOVES his “vitamin drink”, especially coming off the track. The fruit punch flavor is refreshing! It is sweet enough to enjoy but definitely not overpowering like others.

  • Pure 🔥

    Could drink this all day, everyday!! Highly recommend.

  • Victory Fuel is #1

    I race BMX bicycles. I use Victory Fuel when I race. Throttle Punch tastes great, not too sweet, and no aftertaste. It helps keep me hydrated and alert without a sugar crash. It's by far the best sports drink I've used. I highly recommend it!

  • Victory Fuel is the trick setup to being hydrated!

    Tried our first can of Victory Fuel at the Chili Bowl. If you know anything about The Chili Bowl, hydration is key. The flavor is awesome and Victory Fuel kept us going all week. Once they restocked, we got our order in to help with hydration during the summer. Great product from great people!

  • Fueled by Electrolytes

  • Charged With Vitamins

  • No Caffeine or Carbonation

  • Kid Friendly


Triple-Filtered Water

This meticulous filtration process removes impurities while retaining essential minerals, delivering a refreshing and hydrating experience.


Fuel your active lifestyle with our balanced blend of potassium and sodium, essential electrolytes for peak physical performance!

  • Hydration: Sodium and potassium maintain fluid balance, crucial for staying hydrated during activities.
  • Muscle Health: They help in muscle contractions and relaxation, reducing cramps and fatigue.
  • Energy and Coordination: Essential for nerve signaling and energy, enhancing performance and coordination.
  • Heart Function: Regulate blood pressure and heart rate, important for endurance and activity.

Daily Vitamins

Victory Fuel packs 120% of your daily vitamins into one 12oz can.

  • Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is like a superhero that takes care of your eyes and helps you see clearly, especially in the dark. It also helps your skin stay soft and nice.

  • Vitamin B3:

When you eat food, Vitamin B3 helps turn it into energy that your body uses to run, play, and do all the fun stuff you love. It's like the fuel for your body's engine!

  • Vitamin B5:

You know how when you build something, you need lots of different materials? Well, Vitamin B5 helps your body use the food you eat as those materials. When you eat these foods, you're giving your body the Vitamin B5 tool it needs to keep building you strong and healthy!

  • Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 helps your body talk and work together. You know how you need different people with different skills to make a cool project? Well, your body has different parts that do special jobs too. Vitamin B6 helps these parts work together smoothly. It helps your brain send messages to your muscles so you can move, run, and jump.

  • Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 helps your body make strong shields called "red blood cells." These shields carry oxygen all around your body, so you have the power to think, play, and grow big and strong.

Vitamin D:

Just like how the sun gives you warmth and light, Vitamin D gives your body something special to help you grow strong and healthy.

Naturally Sweetened & Flavored

When crafting naturally flavored electrolyte water, the focus is on maintaining a clean and refreshing taste while delivering the benefits of electrolyte replenishment.

  • Natural Energy Source:

Provides a quick, healthy energy boost, fueling your body with a natural and easily digestible carbohydrate source.

  • Stevia Extract:

Made from the leaves of the stevia plant, it's a natural, calorie-free sweetener. It's much sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way.

  • Erythritol:

A sugar alcohol found in fruits, it has almost no calories and doesn't impact blood sugar levels. It's often used to replace sugar in recipes and has a similar sweetness level.

  • Monk Fruit Extract:

Made from monk fruit, this sweetener is very low in calories and doesn't raise blood sugar levels. It has a unique, fruity taste and is often used alongside other sweeteners to reduce their overall intensity.

  • Citric Acid

Derived from citrus fruits, citric acid adds a tangy and sour flavor. It's often used to enhance the taste and freshness of foods and beverages.

No Artificial Junk

Victory Fuel is free from any artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. We believe in giving your body only what it needs, by crafting this drink with clean, high-quality ingredients. Packed with essential electrolytes and a touch of natural flavor, it's the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Hydrate confidently, knowing you're getting the fuel you need without any unnecessary extras. Fuel your day with the best!

No Caffeine or Carbonation

Victory Fuel IS NOT an energy drink! We want to fuel your body with what it needs to keep you healthy. Enjoy the natural flavors without any added stimulants or fizz. It's a hydrating and delicious choice that's sure to quench your thirst in the most satisfying way. Enjoy a moment of pure refreshment, without the caffeine kick or the bubbles.

How Victory Fuel Compares

With over 1.5x more electrolytes than the leading sports drink, Victory Fuel is your winning source of hydration. All while giving you all of your daily vitamins in just a 12oz can. Sweetened with only 6g of NATURAL sugar and NO added coloring.

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